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Pumpin' Pal International (PPI) is dedicated to improving the breast pumping experience by making it as comfortable and productive as possible with Pumpin' Pal accessories for pumping moms. The reality for today's mom is that pumping plays a major role in nursing. Our theory is that if our products can make the process of breast pumping more enjoyable, mothers will breast feed much longer, benefiting both mother and baby.

With the combination of the Pumpin' Pal angled breast shields, "Super Shields Plus", and the Pumpin' Pal "Original Hands-Free Strap", breast pumping has never been more comfortable. Mothers can avoid having to 'lean forward' and can now sit back in a comfortable position, relaxing their arms rather than holding bottles. The Pumpin' Pal mesh "Air-Dry Accessory Bag" is perfect for drying freshly-washed pump parts - keeping them together discretely and attractively.

We hope you use this site to educate yourself as we have added several pages of information aimed at new mothers to help them through these challenging and sometimes trying times. Breast pumping can be confusing and awkward in the beginning - PPI is here to help.

Breast Pumping Accessories


Pumpin' Pal's Super Shields Plus are a revolution in breast pumping comfort. Most mothers need to lean forward in order for the milk to flow freely into the bottle using standard flanges. Our angled flange allows most moms to sit back comfortably. Super Shields are Bisphenol A (BPA) free and now available in three sizes: medium, large, and x-large. Read more

hands-free strap

Pumpin' Pal's Original Hands-Free Strap allows mom to relax her arms while breast pumping or even do small tasks like read a book, talk on the phone, or work on a computer. Designed like a trapeze, it's perfect for mom returning to work. She can pump easily and therefore continue her nursing and pumping routine. Read more

air dry bags

Pumpin' Pal's Air-Dry Accessory Bag is great for keeping your breast pumping parts together while drying at home, or transporting them to and from work. It's much more discrete than laying the parts on towels or counters. Read more


Pumpin' Pal's Pocket Guide to Breast Pumping is a very simple, easy-to-use guide for new moms who are new to breast pumping. Quickly and easily find the answers to common breast pumping questions in this compact, pocket-sized booklet. Read more

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Embraced by professionals

Hospitals and Lactation Consultants across the country are using PPI's Pumpin' Pal products to improve the breast pumping experience for new mothers. The angled Super Shields are especially effective for C-section mothers having a difficult time leaning forward to pump. The tapered design is less abrasive on the area around the nipple, so the flanges themselves are much more comfortable than the standard flange design.

Often, I will work with a mom who repeatedly develops a cut right around the base of the nipple. When this occurs, I feel that the pressure from a straight flange tends to be causing the problem. When you provide an angled shield, the pressure on the base of the nipple is resolved."

Debbie Albert, RN, Ph.D., LMHC, IBCLC, RLC
Tampa Lactation Counseling
Tampa, FL

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